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FAQs - Omega Nutrition Products

FAQs - Apple Cider Vinegar

1) Why should I use Apple Cider Vinegar?
2) How can I take Apple Cider Vinegar?
3) Why is Omega Nutrition's Apple Cider Vinegar better than other brands?
4) Do I need to refrigerate my Apple Cider Vinegar?

5) What is the “Mother”?

FAQs - Coconut Oil

1) What is the difference between Omega Nutrition Coconut Oil and other brands?
2) What is the health advantage in using Coconut Oil?
3) What is the best way to use Coconut Oil?
4) My Coconut Oil melts in hot weather. How do I get it solid again?
5) What is the easiest way to get the remaining Coconut Oil out of the bottom of the 32 oz container?
6) Can I use Coconut Oil in recipes that call for butter?
7) How is Omega Nutrition Coconut Oil made?
8) What is involved in the process to remove the flavor?

9) Why choose Omega Nutrition Coconut Oil?

FAQs - Cold-Milled Flax Seeds

1) Why should I take Cold-Milled Flax?
2) How can I use Cold-Milled Flax?
3) Can I freeze Cold-Milled Flax?

FAQs - Essential Balance®

1) What do the Essential Balance® family of products provide you with?
2) What is the optimum ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 oils?
3) Why is your Essential Balance® Oil a 1:1 ratio?
4) What are the recommended ways to take Essential Balance Jr™?

FAQs - Flax Seed Oil

1) What are the quantities of EFAs and nutrients in Omega Flax Seed Oil?
2) Why should I get my EFAs from Flax Seed Oil and not Fish Oil?
3) Why do I need to take Flax Oil Daily?
4) Are there any side effects to taking Flax Seed Oil?
5) Is Flax Seed Oil the same as paint thinner? Is it harmful?
6) Can I use Flax Seed Oil in salad dressings?
7) When should I take my Flax Seed Oil?
8) I take my Flax Seed Oil in hot water, is this OK?
9) Should Flax Seed Oil and Essential Balance® be bitter to the taste?
10) Does Flax Seed Oil have a strong taste?
11) Can I cook with Flax Seed Oil?
12) What is the yield of cold-pressed Flax Seed Oil from flax seeds?

FAQs - Flax Seeds

1) What is the nutritional breakdown of one tablespoon of ground Flax Seeds?
2) What color flax seeds does Omega use and what is the difference?

FAQs - Kefir

1) What is Kefir?
2) How do I make Kefir?

FAQs - Nutri-Flax®

1) What are the benefits of using Nutri-Flax?
2) Is Nutri-Flax® fortified?
3) Is Nutri-Flax® gluten-free?

FAQs - Olive Oil

1) What is the shelf life of Olive Oil?
2) What do I do when my Olive Oil solidifies in the fridge?

FAQs - Pumpkin Seed Butter

1) Why should I use Pumpkin Seed Butter?
2) How can I use Pumpkin Seed Butter?
3) Is Pumpkin Seed Butter suited for people with nut allergies?
4) Why is my Pumpkin Seed Butter green?
5) Why is there a layer of oil on top of my Pumpkin Seed Butter?

FAQs - Pumpkin Seed Oil

1) Is Pumpkin Seed Oil a good source of EFAs and a suitable alternative to Flax Seed Oil?