Flax Oil - Benefits

  • Contains both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Flax Oil has more than twice the amount of omega-3 fatty acids as fish oils.
Daily benefits of Omega Nutrition's Flax Seed Oil:
  • Cold-pressed from certified organic flax seeds - grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizers.
  • Contains natural antioxidant nutrients and Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol).
  • Highest nutritional quality due to processing at low temperatures and oxygen-free packaging in safe, opaque polyethylene (HDPE) plastic bottles. Opaque packaging protects against the nutritionally depleting effects of light.

The Oil is:
  • Certified organic by QAI.
  • Kosher check certified.
  • GMO-free.
  • 100% vegetarian.
  • Cholesterol free.
  • Free of trans-fatty acids.

Flax Oil - How To Use

  • One to two teaspoons daily.
  • Keep refrigerated.
  • May be frozen to extend shelf life.
  • Keep refrigerated and use within 6-8 weeks of opening.
  • May be frozen to extend shelf life.
  • Do not heat or use for cooking, baking or frying.
  • Maximum temperature of 120°F/49°C to retain EFA nutritional content.

Dosage: One to two teaspoons daily. Take in liquid or capsule form.

Try some in your morning smoothie. It's a perfect oil base for homemade salad dressings and dips.

Bibi's Tomato Vegetable Soup


3-4 Tbsp (45-60 ml) Omega Nutrition Olive Oil
2 medium Onions (or 1 large)
3 medium Carrots
3-4 Celery stalks
1 Green pepper
1 medium Parsnip, peeled
2 quarts (2 L) Water
3-4 Potatoes, peeled
2-3 cups (480-720 ml) Tomato sauce
1/2 bunch Parsley, chopped
1-2 tsp (5-10 ml) Omega Nutrition Flax Seed Oil (or Garlic-Chili Flax or Essential Balance)
Sea salt and pepper, to taste


Cut onions and carrots in cubes and saute them in a few tablespoons olive oil, on medium heat. In the meantime chop celery stalks, cut parsnip and green pepper in cubes and add to the sauteed onions and carrots. Add 2 L. of water, bring to a boil and cook on low heat.

Cut potatoes into 1 inch cubes. Add to soup and continue cooking till potatoes are cooked. Add tomato sauce and when the soup starts boiling again turn off heat. Season with salt and pepper. For a creamy soup, blend the soup in a blender or food processor.

Add 1-2 tsp (5-10 ml) of Omega Nutrition Flax Seed Oil, Garlic Chili Flax Seed Oil or Essential Balance® Oil to slightly cooled soup, stir and garnish with parsley.

Yield Serves 6-8

Flax Seed Oil 16 fl oz Organic

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Omega Nutrition's Flax Seed Oil is nature's finest quality. It is the best and freshest unrefined, certified-organic flax seed oil available. Grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizers, we cold-press and process at low temperatures to preserve all nutritional value.

  • Have you checked your oil today?
  • Certified organic and 100% vegetarian.
  • Safe and nutritious for all age groups.
  • Unrefined and non-hydrogenated.

Organic flax oil is the richest vegetarian source of omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFA 's). Since our bodies cannot produce EFA 's, they must be obtained from our diet.

Our bodies depend on EFA 's for normal cell function. Essential fatty acids act as essential building blocks for our bodies. Flax seed oil contains more than twice the amount of omega-3 fatty acids as fish oils.

Ingredients: Certified organic unrefined flax seed oil.