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I have discovered for that an injury I have (simply put a bulging disc at L4-L5 as well as spondyolythesis all putting pressure on the nerves in that area) extra doses of the Garlic-Chili Flax Oil and using only small amounts of the Essential Balance really does help to keep things looser and working better. Thank you! - Richard Diamond, Competitive Mountain Biker
Whistler, BC
I have been using flax oil for about a year and a half, however, the oil I was using was not from Omega Nutrition. I ordered two 16oz. bottles from your company and the difference was absolutely amazing. I MEAN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I'm ordering four bottles at this time. The flavor was the most noticeable difference and I could actually see the flax seed on top of the bottle, which answered my question of why I had to shake the bottle. Today it is somewhat rare to find a company that puts quality #1. When taking your flax oil, you just know that you're going to feel better. Quality promotes confidence and that is what I feel with your products. - Jak R, Bay Harbor Island, Florida
I find the convenience of shopping from a catalog and online makes my shopping experience easy and enjoyable. I appreciate the information about each product, articles and facts about oils etc. I also like how you provide recipes and your variety of conscious products is astounding. You certainly know what you are doing! - P.N., Portland, OR
Very user friendly online catalog. Very responsive customer service. Excellent products. I will be a lifelong customer - Priscilla P
Your health information included in your catalog is invaluable! I read a great many health magazines and articles in the newspaper but I would not have learned many things if I didn't read your catalog from cover to cover. Thank you for your concern about your customer's health. - Susan B, CA