The Original

Our Mission:

Omega Nutrition is committed to:

  • Manufacturing the freshest, highest-quality, unrefined, organic oils and related products from the finest raw materials, with packaging that offers the most protection for all the valuable nutrients.
  • Staying abreast of research and development of products that will contribute to enhancing the health and diet of consumers.
  • Taking care of the needs of our customers, while operating, serving and living with honesty and integrity.
  • Providing continuing truthful education to the public on Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) nutrition, fats and oils.
  • Offering our products to all who want and need them, from our distributors to retailers, healthcare practitioners and to you, the final consumer from our online store.


Omega Nutrition is recognised worldwide as the premium manufacturer of Flax Oil, essential fatty acid blends and other great nutritional and culinary products. In 1987, recognising the critical need for essential fatty acids (EFAs) in the modern diet, Omega Nutrition became the first company to introduce Flax Oil to the North American market.

What drives Omega Nutrition is a commitment to innovation. We developed our proprietary omegaflo® process to protect the delicate essential fatty acids in our premium Flax Oil from the damaging effects of excessive heat, oxygen and light.

The omegaflo® process represents a revolutionary advance for the edible oil industry. We carefully prepare oil in small batches to retain natural flavour, premium quality and vital nutrients. Omega Nutrition continues to be acknowledged as the forerunner in EFA nutrition.

Bryan Farnum is a gifted Medical and Universal Intuitive, whose remarkable spiritual experience of the healing of his son Michael's brain cancer led him to discover his gift of discernment. This gift allows Bryan to confirm on a yes/no basis all things related to life on this planet by accessing God's Book of Life. Bryan has been given this gift to help everyone. Tune in to his weekly podcast at Clarity Radio.